Top 10 Tips

 #1. Diet : Feed your Best friend a quality Diet and to prevent obesity,  as obesity can shorten their life span.

#2. Activity: Important for your dog to have at least 30 minutes of activity per day. (Play hide & seek, Tug of war with a sock, Go fetch ) 

#3. Set Limits: Just like kids, dogs thrive on structure and Rules , Your Dog should have a clear consistant set of rules that everyone in your house follows. Make a poster for your wall! 

#4. Communication:  Dogs are not born to understanding English. Communication is number 1, and dogs can understand more than 150 words! Happy teaching!

#5. Commands: 7 Basic commands every dog should know are Sit, Stay, Come, Off, Don’t touch, Heel and Down. 

#6. Travel:  Want safe car travel? Dog seatbelts are a great answer. Restrict roaming and be sure to keep those curious paws from wandering. Dogs are safer in the back seat.

#7. Medicine: Remember to keep your dog away from human medication. Keep safe

#8. Licking: The most common reason whys dogs love to lick you is simply showing affection, which releases endorphins into their blood which makes them feel calm.

#9.  Furry friends: Spending time with other dogs will help your dog hone his ability to read his friends body language & communicate, which will reduce fear & aggression.

#10. Social: General guidelines is to get a minium of 2 hours of dedicated social time with humans or other dogs on a daily basis which could be broken up into smaller periods over the course of your day.