About Us

HEARTY PAWS LIMITED is a Young Kiwi Family business, with a Farming background, 100 % Owned and Operated in New Zealand.

HEARTY PAWS LIMITED understands How much People Love and Care for their Dogs, We feel the need to provide the right source of Food to do this.

HEARTY PAWS LIMITED  is not only Committed to  developing Delicious Products, We’re Devoted to Helping ALL Dogs Live a Healthy and Happy Life. Being a NEW ZEALAND MADE Product, we are very Passionate about providing a High Quality  Dry Dog Food.


Tim Stewart

Managing Director

Being a Managing Director of a Dog Food Company has it’s fun.
With being a hard working family man, all I want is my young children to have a successful future.
That is why I started Hearty Paws Limited. Not only do we all have a passion for Dogs, we also have a passion for Your Dogs Health and Wellbeing.