About Us

HEARTY PAWS LIMITED is a Young Kiwi Family business, with a Farming background, 100 % Owned and Operated in New Zealand.

HEARTY PAWS LIMITED understands How much People Love and Care for their Dogs, We feel the need to provide the right source of Food to do this.

HEARTY PAWS LIMITED  is not only Committed to  developing Delicious Products, We’re Devoted to Helping ALL Dogs Live a Healthy and Happy Life. Being a NEW ZEALAND MADE Product, we are very Passionate about providing a High Quality  Dry Dog Food.


Tim Stewart

Managing Director

Hi I am Tim. With the support of my family I started Hearty Paws Ltd because I saw a need for good quality food.

I owned Jag, a beautiful Huntaway, who had itchy skin and hot spots that made him uncomfortable. After through research I discovered that itchy skin is commonly experienced in dogs due to high grain content, fillers and bi-products in everyday dog food.

I knew there must be a solution. I have seen how connected people are to their dogs and wanted to help others maintain the health and wellbeing of their beloved companions. My many years of deep thinking and research included asking vets and contacting dieticians at Massey university New Zealand.

I quickly learnt how important it is that dogs need very much the same upkeep as a human. Dogs need attention paid to their Joints, teeth, skin, brain function, growth and daily exercise. Equipped with this information I set about creating the perfect recipe. 

It hasn’t been an easy road to come up with a recipe that has meets all the requirements.  Once I found the right balance of ingredients the with the help of  Health dieticians for dogs and the knowledge that I’ve obtained I then had to find a reputable manufacture.  This journey took me to a leading manufacture and exporter of pet food in Te Puke, whose help and guidance further enhanced the amazing food we are proud to offer to all dog owners.

That was the beginning of my business journey and that is how Hearty Paws Ltd was born. As it unfolds the testimonials, we have coming in confirm that initial feeling I had – others were looking for a healthy and nutritious pet food.


Such great service and super friendly and knowledgeable. I was told that these kibbles were great for small dogs and would stop them licking and scratching (caused by too much grain in standard dogs food) These kibbles are pure lamb. Have used them for a fortnight now and am delighted with them! Dog is much happier and added bonus is less poops to clean up! (As you can see from photos she was straight into them from when I opened them and put it down to clean her bowl!) – Mike 

 My fussy little pooch will only eat Hearty Paws Lamb Kibble.. Thanks Tim -  Lorraine

We know your dog is important to you. I appreciate your interest in our product and look forward to serving you with your needs to make a positive difference to your dog’s health and wellbeing. 

Feel free to ask after the Free samples we offer but

(Between you and me I highly Recommend our New Zealand

Grain free Lamb products.

Hope to be hearing from your soon.

Tim Stewart.